Revisited podcast: the ridgway street sensation

Charles Mackay was the influential Mayor of the Wanganui Borough for 13 years until he shot returned serviceman Darcy Cresswell for threatening to expose a secret and was expunged from local history for almost 50 years. Mackay was one of the subjects of the exhibition the city of gold and lead.

The Wireless: an anarchist with a death wish

Interview on The Wireless

“Suicide bombing is seen by most New Zealanders as a terrorist act that happens overseas. But 33 years ago, an anarchist punk blew himself up trying to destroy ‘New Zealand’s Big Brother’.”

Photobooks forum: Gary Baigent and Ann Shelton

Ann Shelton and Gary Baigent in conversation with Robert Leonard

Gary Baigent’s photobook Unseen City (1967) and Ann Shelton’s photobook Redeye (1997) are portraits of Auckland published 30 years apart. Baigent and Shelton discuss their work with Chief Curator Robert Leonard. In partnership with Photobook New Zealand.

Pictures on paper

This short documentary charts some of the key moments in the history of the photo book in Aotearoa/New Zealand.