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the missionaries at Two Rooms

June 2018

Ann Shelton’s internationally recognised large-scale, hyper-real photographic works operate at the nexus of conceptual and documentary modes, investigating the social, political and historical contexts that inform readings of the landscape and its contents. Shelton’s new images explore the powerful relationship between colonisation, nationalism and plants in the context of Aotearoa. In a kind of contrived bouquet garni set against the musty colour palette of the Arts and Crafts movement, these domestic botanic epitaphs engage with the reasons emigrants brought plants with them, why they went to elaborate ends to preserve them on their long journey, and the consequences of their interventions. Exhibition opens: 6–8pm Friday 1 June 2018 Exhibition closes: 30 June 2018 Location: Two Rooms, 16 Putiki St, Newton Auckland 1021