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‘A Way of Calling’ exhibition, curated by Melissa Keys

Seedling, Willi Kaiser’s Olympic Oak, Gladbeck Stadium, Gladbeck, Germany. In his thesis on the Olympic Oaks, James Constandt states that the planting of this tree was delayed by 12 years, due in part to Willi being in a Russian prison. Later, apparently in the face of neglect and disinterest from the Gladbeck City Council, Willi spent the last 14 years of his life caring for his monument himself. He died in 1986. By 1992 the bronze plaque under the tree had completely corroded away and Willi’s son began negotiations with the Mayor to arrange a replacement. When this image was made there was a new marble plaque under the tree, 2011. Diptych, C-type prints, 1200 × 1500 mm each.

Melissa Keys, 2011
Melissa Keys, ‘A Way of Calling’, Linden Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, 2011

“A way of calling highlights six practices that evoke, activate or engage mysterious forces, energies or sensations. Spanning a range of media the artworks featured in this exhibition each register inexplicable dynamisms that animate and extend our lifeworld. Lurking on the peripheries of consciousness elusive forces threaten our desire for control and self consciousness while also offering possiblities for mystery and liberation.”

– Excerpt from Catalog of an exhibition held at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, St. Kilda, Vic., from 14 May to 19 June 2011.

Artists include: Colleen Ahern, Susan Fereday, Jason Hendrik Hansma, Dane Mitchell, Sheila Pye & Nicholas Pye, Ann Shelton