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Photobook New Zealand

March 2020

Speaker Photobook NZ

"There are words leaning out of our eyes as we gaze"

3pm March 8th.

It’s International Women's Day and I’ll be talking about where photographic meaning intersects with books and performance in my work. How can we expand and complicate the contexts that photography is read in? How can we use and subvert existing visual languages to critique and question? How can books and other addendum help prompt these questions? I’ll talk about the role of women and refugees in the making of a house and the process of recording and researching a profoundly complex group of trees! “there are words leaning out of our eyes as we gaze” is a Frances Pound quote from Thomasin Sleigh's 'Every story tells a picture', a piece of writing which discusses my installation house work published in Pantograph Punch."