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Aaron Peck, 2000
First published in response to the work Erewhon


“Take care of yourself.” As if you knew each nook and cranny of your local Seven-Eleven. Start each day by writing in a diary, it’s always good to write a diary. Set up the self and take a walk. Re-member asceticism does not prohibit the political or the erotic. Re-member knowledge (not gnosis). “Know yourself.” Keep clean. What all proper people do. Keep a good self-image. Be virtuous. If you want, draw yourself on a scrap piece of paper.

And fashion is always important. Look your best and learn to hold your pose. So too with word games. In public speak rhetorically. Remind yourself of fictional languages. Speak in tongues. Long walks down empty corridors mean beheading by force of rope. Remember hangman as a child. “Pin up.” Fear the inevitable. If it will happen you should be scared. “If she looks questionable do not open the door. No Lot Lizards, thank you.” Keep good care of yourself; upkeep appearances.

Occupy yourself with yourself. As if an empty city. Inhabit a specific urban myth. Assume an incarnation. Remember the words “ghost town.” Watch your fingers, you’ll need them later for scratching on doors at night. Picture the lights of a city, an empty city. Remind yourself the city is only empty for fictions and films. Watch the camera behind you. Quit following commands.

Care for the activity, not the substance. Acquire technē. As if quietly from the back of a truck. Remember, “Auto means ‘the same.’” Set your voice mail properly. Think of all you could find. Think about yourself. Permit dominations. Buy X brand beer.

Travel lightly. With headphones and a caste. Harm your hands. Pack for a two-night stay at most. Watch the lights recede from an airplane window or watch someone watch the lights recede from a window. Feel better about confession on paper. If you forget to bring anything, hotels can compensate. Write home. Forget where to send the letter.

Work for the good. Reject or submit. Make a choice. Acquire technē. Travel before you speak and keep a diary of daily events. If you need a ride, the car isn’t far off.